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The characters that we have in mind are Chiaki Nanami from the Dangan Ronpa series. Since talking about the characters in depth leads into spoilers for a recent anime, I'll be putting them under a spoiler tag, but here is the situation (please highlight to read):

The two characters lead very different lives; the real Chiaki that shows up in the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime is a student and the 77-B class rep at Hope's Peak Academy while the AI Chiaki in Super Dangan Ronpa 2 plays a different role; not as a student, but as an observer to the Neo World Program, self aware that she is an AI (and also, later on, the traitor). While both Chiakis are stellar at video games, the real one in DR3 spends her time getting the class together, spending quality time with them playing games and keeping them together while the one in SDR2 has to deal with a murder game and wanting to protect a killing from happening. Because of this, they have different experiences which lead to very different personalities.

The easiest examples I can give is that, in SDR2 Chiaki's FTEs, she does not have the common knowledge of holidays such as Girl's Day, while it is clear that DR3 Nanami knows about the Japanese holidays. Even their deaths are handled differently and show their different personalities - SDR2 Chiaki shows acceptance to her death as it allows the others to survive, while DR3 Chiaki outright says that she doesn't want to die, even to the point where she gives a selfish statement of wanting to stay with her classmate, her teacher, and to play with Hinata again. Also, even canon explicitly states that they're different characters; in Kibou-hen, Chiaki (or rather, the hallucination in Hinata's mind) says that they aren't exactly the same due to the fact that the AI Chiaki is created with the positive traits of Chiaki in mind, the memories and how people perceived the real Chiaki, which shows how their characterizations split between the game and the anime.

Hopefully that should sufficiently make my case! I am definitely willing to answer any further questions if necessary and I'm willing to accept whatever decision you guys as a mod team are willing to make.
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