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2017-08-24 06:08 pm

( emp ac )

To prepare, I guess.
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2017-01-24 09:32 pm

( dangan ronpa resource masterlist )

So do you want to get into Dangan Ronpa? Well, I've decided to compile a masterlist of resources that you can use to get into the fandom, because there's a lot of stuff out there! I mostly made this for my own personal reference for most of the side material, so here you go. If there's anything you would like me to add that I've missed, just leave a comment! Fair warning there will be spoilers for some of these.

LPs (Japanese audio, English subtitles):

FTES (English audio + subtitles):

Light Novels:
Dangan Ronpa Zero: HERE
Dangan Ronpa Togami + Dangan Ronpa Kirigiri: HERE
DR Anthology stories: HERE
Beautiful Days: HERE
Zettai Zetsubou Hagakure: HERE

Manga (most, if not all on Batoto, so you'll have to make an account):
Killer Killer: HERE
DR1 4koma kings: HERE
DR1+2 Anthology: HERE
DR3 Anthology (DNA): HERE
SDR2 Souda spinoff: HERE
SDR2 Nanami spinoff (non-canon): HERE
SDR2 Komaeda spinoff: HERE
SDR2 manga: HERE
SDR2 4koma kings: HERE
SDR2 Anthology: HERE
Another Episode manga: HERE
Another Episode, Genocider Mode manga: HERE

NDRV3 Translations:
Sept 14 Famitsu

Kodaka Interviews and more (from 4chan):
HERE in a pastebin

DR1 Translations:
Reformation ~Rebuild~ lyrics (the DR1 ending theme for the game)
Present Guide
Donuts and Aprons drama CD translation
Beautiful Girls, Soroibumi drama CD translation
Close Coverage of the Boys from Hope's Peak Academy
Translations from the Alter Ego app
"The Worst Day in the Life of Naegi Makoto" short story
Naegi Makoto character relationship chart
Leon Kuwata character relationship chart
Togami birthday stories from the DR merch twitter
Kiyotaka Ishimaru character relationship chart
Interview about Ishimaru
Maizono drama CD translation
Monochrome Answer lyrics
Interview about Fukawa
Fukawa Character Profile
Fukawa Touko character relationship chart
Genocider Sho character relationship chart

DR general translations:
Valentine's Day tweets

DR:AE Translations:
Interview about Another Episode

DR3 Translations:
Official Timeline
Otomedia Winter 2016 with the voice actors of Hinata Hajime, Nanami Chiaki and Yukizome Chisa
Kodaka tweet about Kibou-hen
Kamukura, Kuzuryuu, Pekoyama, and Mioda profiles
Kodaka Interview about Kibou-hen
Kirigiri, Asahina, Gekkougahara, Great Gozu and Bandai profiles
Future Foundation Elite Forces concept sketches
Underwear Guide for both Zetsubou-hen and Mirai-hen
SHSL Despair concept images
Enoshima, Mukuro, Kizakura and Jin Kirigiri profiles
Kamukura Project files from DR3 that Yukizome looked at during that one episode. Which I'll figure out what episode that was later.
Whispers of Love Message Cards from January 2017 Otomedia
Hope Room
Munakata Christmas Memories
Mitarai, Imposter, Tsumiki, and Tengan profiles
Hinata, Komaeda, Nanami, Ruruka, Izayoi, Kimura, Satou and Natsumi profiles
Munakata, Yukizome, and Sakakura profiles (Zetsubou-hen)
DR3 Concept Art
Zetsubou-hen Radio show 2 summary
Radio show summary post-Mirai 09
Which 77th class member are you most like? translations
Sakakura and Munakata summer translations
Relationship chart
November 2016 Otomedia (spoilers for Kibou-hen)
Dangan Radio Mirai 3 write up
Zanka lyrics translation

Famitsu Translations:
Kirigiri Sou introduction
July 2016 Famitsu


DEAD OR LIE (Mirai-hen OP)
Recall the End (Mirai-hen ED)
Kami-iro Awase (Zetsubou-hen OP)
Zettai Kibou Birthday (Zetsubou-hen ED)
Progressive -zenshin- (Another Episode ED)
-Disc 1 -
-Disc 2 -
-Disc 3 -
DRV3 LE Sampler OST with Cast Comments MP3:!vYM2BBqY!6Go3-Kd7QvIAz9W-rz9M5PI-v5eO0v8istIqVTAwBX4
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2015-03-18 01:12 pm

( icon commissions )

MANGA COLORING: 25 cents per icon; $3 for 15

BLACK AND WHITE MANGA: 10 cents per icon; $3 for 50




ANIME & VISUAL NOVEL ICONS: 10 cents per icon; $3 for 50

LIVE ACTION ICONS: 10 cents per icon; $3 for 50

❖ Feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email at tsunderbolts ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com with your request. Please leave high quality scans and crops, and feel free to leave me notes on background colors, etcetera. I can attempt to clean anything that's a little messy, but I'll tell you if I have any problems.
15 icons max for manga panels; 50 icons max for anime or visual novel ones. First 10 icons for anime or visual novel icons are free!
5 slots at a time will be open.
❖ I would highly appreciate no NSFW (I can make exceptions, just ask!), though I am willing to color official manga and doujinshi as long as if you give me the link to the original source, or if you have scanned it yourself / have permission.
❖ I can attempt video game or live action icons, they will be considered the same price as anime + visual novel icons.
❖ For manga icons: I will be erasing any text bubbles unless otherwise specified.
❖ For black and white manga icons: I have three styles. Feel free to request which style you'd prefer!
❖ You will get a preview of your icons/panels before I finish as quality check.
❖ If you want the full panel, tell me first beforehand.
❖ You do not need to send me payment until after I finish your icons. I accept payment in Dreamwidth points.
Please do not take the examples! Some of these were commissioned, after all!

SLOTS. ( currently: open! )